Project Management & Review

Delivering projects on time and within budget while maintaining scope and achieving planned objectives requires skill, discipline, delicate stakeholder management, and grounded experience.  Successful projects are only possible with world class project management.  Cetas Advisory Project Management services assist our clients in:

  • Requirements Management - Identification and management of requirements from a holistic perspective (people, process, technology, and information architecture).  Cetas Advisory understands the need to balance requirements against business objectives.
  • Resource and Cost Management - Cetas Advisory can direct and coordinate all project resources throughout the project life cycle managing the inevitable fluctuation of requirements.
  • Vendor Management Strategy - Cetas Advisory works with our clients to co-develop project plans that are agreed to by all.  Plans are sufficiently detailed, deliverable and milestone-oriented, and achievable.  Throughout the course of an engagement, Cetas Advisory will ensure Clients have a comprehensive understanding of the status of all work activities.
  • Schedule Management - Cetas Advisory works with clients to co-develop project plans that are achievable and agreed to by all stakeholders.
  • Risk Management & Mitigation - Risk management and mitigation are critical to the success of any project.  Simply stated, it is necessary to identify potential risks, determine the impacts and probabilities of occurrence, and prioritize the risks based on their weighted impacts.  This discipline enables Cetas Advisory to pre-plan mitigation and reaction plans prior to the to the risk materializing with minimal disruption.
  • Problem Resolution - Cetas Advisory will continuously monitor the progress of deliverables and milestones. On our client's behalf, we will identify, track, and bring closure to project issues in a timely manner.
  • Procurement/Vendor Management - Cetas Advisory is experienced in the procurement of products and/or services in support of projects.  Potential vendors are identified and negotiated on behalf of clients with an aim to develop master service agreements and contracts with the client's best interest in mind.

Project Review

Cetas Project Review services examine projects from a multi-dimensional perspective to ensure alignment of scope, objectives, schedule, risk mitigation plans, skills and competencies. Deliverables would include recommendations and go forward strategies which mitigate identified risks. 

For additional information on Cetas Advisory Project Management and Review Services, contact us.