IT Advisory

Information and Technology Advisory is focused on bringing best of class strategic thinking to leverage Client technology related investments to accelerate business results.  Our belief is that successful IT investments are based on the enterprise's understanding of the overall context of strategy and real need.  Many organizations either struggle to realize the benefits from IT investments or to determine the appropriate areas to make new investments.  Cetas Advisory focuses on the following key areas to bring benefit to our clients. 


Cetas Advisory's Strategy practice is focused on bringing best of class strategic thinking to Clients. In today's world, technology plays a critical role in shaping strategy.  Cetas believes strategy drives technology and technology enables strategy.  Cetas Advisory helps organizations align business strategy and shape IT directions and priorities.  Cetas Advisory focuses on aligning processes, technology and people to achieve a strategic vision.  We collaborate with our Clients on an IT strategy that achieves value growth for the enterprise.

IT Governance

Sound IT governance enables your organization to increase the value that IT contributes to overall business objectives. Equally important is that proper governance ensures your organization is doing all it can to avoid serious failures and unnecessary risk. With IT governance being such a broad multi-disciplinary field, no single IT related governance framework provides a complete solution. Cetas Adviosry will work with you to assess, plan and implement a governance framework that delivers best practice thinking while being sensitive to the unique organics of your organization. Our governance work will focus on responsibility, strategy, acquisition, performance, conformance, and human behavior. All key elements of ISO/IEC 38500:2008.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

An enterprise’s application portfolio represents a significant investment in technology, process mechanization, audit & controls, knowledge, and related support costs.  Typically, an enterprise’s application portfolio has become increasingly complex, filled with overlap and lacks value creation.  Enterprises spend too much time on operating and supporting non-value applications, leaving little time for investing in value-creating applications.  Application Portfolio Analysis is the systematic review of applications in terms of strategic alignment, cost, quality, value, and serviceability.  Cetas Advisory’s role in Application Portfolio Rationalization is to help enterprises identify application assets to divest, maintain, coalesce, and recommend value creating applications for investment consideration.

Data and Identity

The need to secure enterprise data has increased for many reasons, including regulatory compliance, privacy, increasing risk of critical enterprise data theft, and greater collaboration.  A breech or data loss has the potential to result in enterprise financial loss, damage to corporate (institutional) reputation, and harsh legal penalties.  As a result, the focus of enterprise security has evolved from perimeter based forms of protection to data protection, thus allowing an enterprise to easily transact with its customers and partners.  More often than not a security breach results, not from IT security failings but from human error or willful theft of data.  Cetas Advisory’s role in Data and Identity is to develop strategies and solutions for reducing the risk of data loss while ensuring value based commercial growth. 

Business Intelligence

The value of business intelligence (BI) is undeniable based upon the successes of enterprises that have implemented this technology. Enterprises have endeavored to imitate these successes and benefits by implementing this technology in absence of a real need or a strategy.  By developing detailed information models that cascades from real business objectives, Cetas Advisory leads enterprises through BI strategy development and implementation.  Our focus is on the development of a practical BI roadmap that delivers measurable results to the business within the construct of a well developed governance framework.  An enteprise’s application portfolio strategy against the backdrop of its data protection and identity management strategy need to support a BI roadmap for real benefits to be realized.BI-Rpadmap-Dependency-Model


Adaptive Management and Service Oriented Architectures are the framework for attacking the cost base and enhancing service velocity of business.  A focus on Service-Oriented Architecture changes the dynamics, dramatically improving your organization’s ability to adapt. SOA adoption results in faster ROI, lower risk, and enhanced partnering. Cetas Advisory will collaborate with you to optimize the business outcomes of your SOA solution.  Our approach is focused on taking cost out of IT infrastructure and putting dollars into applications which enable business.  No matter where you are with your SOA and regardless of existing application and infrastructure environment, Cetas will help in the next step through an end-to-end lifecycle approach. Defining and implementing an SOA lets you deploy new services faster and more effectively.