Cetas Advisory understands the rationale for outsourcing from the perspective of  benefits such as cost savings, operational excellence, higher service levels, and capacity.  While the risks associated with outsourcing are very real, these risks can be mitigated through a sound business approach that is respectful of both the outsourcing partner and the organisation.

Outsourcing contracts define the scope of services, transfer of assets, people, service levels, and transformational projects that the supplier has agreed to deliver to the client.  These agreements are complex and not something an organization would likely have the in-house expertise to execute, however outsourcing vendors are well experienced at putting in place agreements that protect their interests.


Outsourcing is typically a very sensitive discussion within any organization.  The interests of all stakeholders need to be considered when assessing options.  Cetas Advisory can help to assess viability determining potential benefits, risks along with mitigation planning, identification of potential vendors, hosting discussions with vendors, and development of communications plans for all stakeholders. 


Developing commercial agreements for outsourcing is a significant undertaking requiring knowledge and experience that does not typically reside within a client organization.  Cetas Advisory can facilitate the process of outsourcing from the role as an independent business advisor and facilitator as we are not an outsourcing company.  We will work collaboratively with your people to ensure a holistic approach is followed.  Our role will be to protect your  interests, ensure objectives are well commercialized in any and all agreements with your outsourcing partner, assets and people are appropriately transitioned, dispute resolution mechanisms are in place, service level commitments meet corporate expectations, a sound transformation and initiation of service is followed, and your corporate outsourcing objectives (both tactical and strategic) are achieved.  


For both existing and new outsource contracts, it can prove beneficial in having a third party evaluate agreements and performance expectations of the vendor. Evaluation provides an understanding of service value, performance metrics, and risk on behalf of the client.  More importantly, the ongoing business strategy of both parties in the agreement is essential to determining the appropriateness of the outsource partnership.  Cetas Advisory performs outsource evaluations from both a client and provider perspective. 

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