Venture Advisory

Smaller companies typical of the Atlantic Canada region often lack the internal capacity to fully develop alternatives for new business development, strategic evolution of their business and the adoption of a growth strategy appropriately tuned to the expectations of a global marketplace.  Leveraging an extensive and diverse history of senior leadership roles, Cetas Advisory helps clients approach these critical aspects of a healthy business in a confident, competent manner through services including:

Business Strategy

Cetas Advisory has an acute interest in the ongoing economic and social welfare of our region.  Cetas Advisory consultants are experienced in the disciplines necessary to properly consider new business direction and priority, investment alternatives, and business case construction, assessment and rationalization.  Comfortable with complexity and risk, our consultants can quickly engage with business in assessment of most aspects of planned business evolution and can leverage an international network of relationships should more specific competency be required to sufficiently exercise a key business question.  

Market Entry & Expansion

Cetas Advisory consultants are experienced in all aspects of business development and can assist an organization as they consider new lines of business, new markets, new senior talent, and new partnerships.  Our consultants have significant experience from large projects involving some of the largest companies of the world.  Cetas Advisory services, in support of a company’s business development goal, can take many forms from assistance with a single opportunity to the re-design of a company’s sales & marketing go to market strategy and organizational makeup.

High Performance

We are also skilled in business process improvement, business analytics, balanced scorecard, and the disciplines associated with the productivity and quality improvement programs so necessary to increase our competitiveness internationally.  A key component and thrust then of our business is to make a tangible contribution to the competitiveness of the companies of our region.   We welcome the opportunity to share our experience and our professional competency and leadership to enable a new era of gainful trade of goods and services from our region.

Partner Sourcing

Partnerships and related models for inter-entity collaboration are essential elements of a comprehensive strategy for business relevance, strength and growth.  However, sustainable value rich partnerships between companies are often a frustrating, elusive objective.  Cetas Advisory believes that who you choose to work with as a partner or channel for your business is critical to the sustainability and welfare of a business.  Creating these relationships is involved and often can benefit from the presence of a third party who can broker discussion, surface opportunity and evaluate alternatives.  Cetas Advisory consultants are well versed in partner selection and the sensitivities of the relationship management process.  We can help short list potential partners, identify competency and asset alignment opportunities, negotiate terms for a mutually beneficial relationship and later on, return to assess the validity and strength of the relationship.

Business Design

Cetas Advisory believes that companies must be organized for success.  Once the game plan is known and owned by the employee team, senior leadership must configure them appropriately.  Our consultants have extensive experience from both small and large contexts in organizational design and configuration.  They know how to focus a limited budget allocation appropriately so that maximum effectiveness and productivity can be captured from a small team.  They understand the role compensation plays in nurturing the right behaviors from the staff team.  They are fluent in the change management and human resource issues which occur when people modify their work environment and expectations and know how to influence the work systems present in a business towards maximum effect.

Enterprise Mentorship

Leadership is always so critical to the success of any enterprise.  Leadership which inspires people and which fosters authentic loyalty from those who must follow is a much needed component of a successful business.  Cetas Advisory consultants have held senior leadership roles in numerous companies of note.  Their leadership experience is vast and readily offered to new and emerging leaders as they consider how best to motivate and direct their staff teams towards the right strategic destination.  Working one-on-one, or with the senior management team, or perhaps even in dialog with all employees and partners, our senior consultants can mentor and coach talented professionals as they lead their businesses.